The NFWI will host its Annual Meeting in Cardiff on Wednesday 6th June 2018. The event will take place at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff. Worcestershire will be running a coach for Delegates; please note that this will be a day trip only. Tickets will be priced at £20 each and will be available for sale to observers from federations at the end of October 2017.


MONDAY 30TH APRIL 2018 7.00pm


Number 8, Pershore.

Guest Speaker will be Graham Walton ‘My Life with Seven Women’




The Three Counties Showground, Malvern



We are part of Forest Group and will be meeting with other WIs in the group on at least two occasions. Dates to be confirmed when arranged.  The WI’s in the group are Abberley, Areley Kings, Astley, Bewdley, Callow Hill, Far Forest, Mitton and Rock.


10th JANUARY 2018

The 2018 Programme got off to an excellent start with a large turnout of members and visitors to hear a second, fascinating talk from Zaza on art interpretation. With humour and clarity she explained how the skills and style of classical Greek and Roman art were rediscovered and reinterpreted during the Renaissance, following the rather flat two-dimensional images of early Christian art. Using the Perseus and Andromeda Fountain at Witley Court Zaza retold the myth of Andromeda's rescue from the sea monster and subsequent marriage to Perseus. We learnt about the symbolism used to indicate different gods in paintings, the depiction of Venus as compared with the depiction of the Virgin Mary and the use of strong compositional lines to lead the eye or add dynamism to painting and sculpture. Images below include 'The Judgement of Paris' by Rubens and 'Perseus turning Phineas to Stone' by Giordano (both in The National Gallery).




With the aid of his stunning photographs Eric illustrated the wide variety of bird species that can be found in our local area, this includes permanent residents as well as summer and winter migrants.  During long patient hours of observation Eric has spotted many birds that the more casual observer would miss, from the chiffchaff in our gardens to peregrine falcons on Clee Hill. His favourite sites include the Shropshire Hills, Upton Warren brine lakes (managed by The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust) and Grimley lakes as well as his own back garden.  The most useful advice that we took away from the evening was to always carry binoculars when out walking! 

 14th  MARCH 2018

 Witley Court

Martin Bond


11th  APRIL 2018

 Pearls of Wisdom

Frances Benton


9th MAY 2018

 Resolutions Meeting  - with Little Witley

Talk about ACWW – Val Durnall


13th JUNE 2018

Final Furlong

Rosemary Prosser

11th  JULY 2018

 Garden Party Meeting

All members contribute


8th AUGUST 2018

 My Life and Hats

Catherine Clark


13th SEPTEMBER 2018

 ‘Life on the Funny Farm’

Claire Furness


10th  OCTOBER 2018

Sugar Craft

Sarah Coley


14th NOVEMBER 2018

 Annual Meeting including  ‘T & T in Malawi

with Tracy Robinson-Ballard and Terry Robinson


12th DECEMBER 2018

 Christmas Social Dinner

Venue and time TBA