Activities and Outings


May 3rd - Dawn Chorus Walk

For the second year running Jill Crawford very kindly got up in the middle of the night to lead a group of us on a walk on Abberley Hill to hear the dawn chorus. We met by moonlight at 4.30 a.m. well wrapped up and armed with torches. For a couple of hours we did a circuit of Abberley Hill, the earliest birds we heard were robins, followed by wrens and blackbirds. Jill's well tuned ears and expertise in distinguishing the different songs were invaluable, it was lovely to hear the dawn chorus gradually reaching its peak in such a peaceful setting before the rest of the world had started waking. Eventually the sun started to climb and colours returned to the woodland as we passed a swathe of fragrant bluebells. The final list of birds we heard is as follows; robin, wren, blackbird, songthrush, chiffchaff, nuthatch, tree creeper, goldcrest, blue tit, great tit, marsh tit, blackcap, green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker (drilling), pheasant, crow. We felt we had been very privileged as we returned home for breakfast and maybe back to bed for a while. 

Winter - Spring 2017/2018

Over last winter a group of members began bridge lessons with much trepidation. Starting completely from scratch they learnt the ins and outs of bidding and playing. Although the course of lessons has stopped for now over the summe, a small group continues to meet regularly and play (with great hilarity) at The Bell Inn. 


Shrawley Cup -  23rd May

The theme of this year's Shrawley Cup was The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Hosted with great flair by Little Witley WI, teams from Holt, Hallow and Abberley took part. We had a glass of bubbly to begin and delicious savoury and sweet canapes were served throughout the evening. The first competition (on a celebratory theme) was to fashion two paper napkins into indentical shapes, e.g waterlilies, mitres. We were then treated to a very professional short film compiled to celebrate Little Witley WI's centenary. It fused footage of significant events and music from each decade with photos and accounts of the activities of the WI at the same time. The second competition was a quiz on all aspects of the Royal Wedding - thank goodness one of our members had been forced to revise by her sister! The Shrawley Cup was won by Hallow WI with one of the Abberley teams coming joint second. The whole evening was lighthearted and fun, enjoyed by everyone.


June 19th  - Upton Warren 
The Christopher Cadbury Wetland Reserve

Following an interesting talk earlier this year by Eric Davies, a local bird enthusiast, it was decided to visit this local wetland reserve which is managed by The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust. The pools were formed following historic brine extraction, The Flashes Pools are saline and form a unique inland salt marsh habitat, attracting breeding and passage waders. The Moors Pools are freshwater and also provide essential areas of water and reed beds for many species.  There are several hides across the reserve from where it is possible to watch smaller birds close up on the feeders or many others around and on the pools - binoculars are essential! Our group had a fascinating time visiting the different pools and trying not to be too noisy in the hides or drive away the experienced birdwatchers. Although June is not the best time to see a huge variety of birds, with help from an enthusiastic group of volunteers doing vital maintenance work, we were able to see many birds that most of us had not had the privilege of seeing before.  The volunteers generously shared their knowledge with us and told us about much of the work they undertake, for example maintaining a fox-proof fence around the reserve and protecting the ground nest of a ringed plover to protect the eggs from predators. We were lucky enough to see the following species, reed bunting, reed warbler, little gull, mediterranean gull, black headed gull, tern, avocet, oystercatcher, lapwing, ringed plover, tufted duck, coot, mallard, redshank. little rail(only heard) bullfinch, bluetit.  Finally we had a delicious homecooked lunch at The Boat Shack, overlooking the yachting lake which was being enjoyed by schoolparties canoeing and sailing.    

August 29th - Social Prescribing

Great Witley Surgery is now promoting the use of Social Prescribing and asked our WI to be represented at a launch afternoon with jazz and cakes. Social prescribing is a way of linking patients in primary care with sources of support within the community to help improve their health and well-being. It is hoped that by connecting patients with different support groups or physical and social activities they can improve their physical health as well as their mental health and this should also contribute to a reduction in the use of prescription drugs. Many local groups were represented at the event, eg, walking groups, a local day centre and Worcester Warriors who run many community schemes.  As one of the WI's more recent campaigns has been 'Alleviating Loneliness' we felt this event tied in very well with our ethos so were happy to have a display stand showing our activities. We have had one new member so far from this event and hopefully more ladies might be sent our way in the future.