Forest Group, County & National Events


June 7th
National Federation of Women's Institutes Annual Meeting
Echo Arena - Liverpool

Caroline Crompton attended as a delegate and had a great time, exploring the Dock Area, doing some networking and having a lovely meal at Jamie's Italian Restaurant!

A moving rendition of 'Jerusalem' began the meeting, which was opened by Joe Anderson, the Mayor of Liverpool. Janice Langley, Chair of the Board of Trustees, then gave her address which covered the success of the Centenary Year, the improved website and Denman College.

The first resolution to be discussed was Alleviating Loneliness and this was passed with 70% of the vote.

The first guest speaker was Jo Fairley, author and co-founder of Green and Blacks Organic Chocolate. An inspirational woman, she related her career in journalism, the founding of Green & Blacks with her husband, the selling of the company to Cadbury's and their subsequent development of a bakery business, a Wellbeing Centre and a perfume society.

Following lunch the second resolution, Plastic Soup (keep microplastic out of our oceans), was discussed. This resolution was passed with 99% of the vote.

The second guest speaker was Susie Dent, author and resident expert on Countdown. She described the fascination she has had with language since childhood. In her very interesting talk she covered malaphors (the mistaken use of a word/metaphor), the evolution of meanings and spelling, hidden letters and new words - for example 'smirkle' meaning to smile with your eyes. 

A fitting surprise finale was the appearance of a live band playing Sixties Music, including some Beatles numbers. 

Caroline summed up the time as an unmissable experience and she recommended that we should all take the opportunity to attend an AGM.

Lecture on Forensic Fibre Analysis - 20th July

A group of members and husbands attended a fascinating lecture at the University of Worcester, given by Nicola Crewe, an expert and engaging speaker. She is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Lincoln and enthusiastically shared with us some of her work in the field of forensic fibre analysis. Beginning with the earliest methods of magnification using a simple lens, we learnt about the development of this science which now uses sophisticated microscopes and electron scanning microscopes. Nicola explained the characteristics of different fibres, natural and man-made, as revealed by magnification,  and how their presence at the scene of a crime can give clues indicating where the victim or perpetrator has been. i.e fibres from a specific carpet or car mat. She left us with the sobering fact that all of us would leave a bit of ourselves behind when we left the lecture theatre. 

Forest Group - 27th September

Two members attended an evening Forest Group meeting hosted by Far Forest WI. The speaker was Tamsin Westhorpe, an experienced editor of well known garden magazines who also opens her own garden to the public, Stockton Bury near Leominster. The talk was followed by a supper of home made soup and apple crumble.

 Annual Council Meeting - 17th October 

Rose gave a report at our own Annual Meeting on her day at Malvern as our delegate. Members had a most enjoyable day. Marjorie Whiting has finished her three year term as County Chairman. The County has a financial surplus of £5700. Next year (2018) will be the County's centenary. Rose bought six bottles of the locally produced centenary wine for us to taste, perhaps at next year's garden party. The beautiful day meant that our members ate their lunches out in the sunshine and enjoyed looking at all the flower and craft displays as well as the stalls. Prue Leith was booked to speak but had double booked herself so she was replaced by Alison Sharman who talked about her TV career and making cookery programmes. Ben Cooper, an antiques expert from 'Flog It', was the other speaker.