WI Campaigns

2017 - This February members have been showing their love for everything we could lose to climate change. WIs pledged to become involved by making, wearing and sharing green hearts. The aim is to keep the issue of climate change high on the political agenda. Find out more at www.thewi.org.uk/campaigns  and view Abberley WI's contribution on our 'Activity and Outings' page

Abberley Lives"
Abberley WI celebrated its 90th birthday in 2012.  Its "Abberley Lives" history project concluded with the publication on 1st November 2013, of a 46 page book on life in Abberley over the last century.  There are still a few copies remaining, available for £7.50 plus  £1.50 postage, please use the Contact Us facility to order a copy, cheques should be made payable to Abberley WI.  More information is available on our project site http://abberleylives.wordpress.com/  where you will find an extensive archive as well as our ongoing blog pages.
The WI campaigns on a number of international, national and local issues
WIs vote on a shortlist of resolutions in December and discuss proposals to go to the AGM, in May of each year.

Time to Talk - Resolution passed at the 2014 AGM

The NFWI has launched a campaign to get members talking about organ donation. A mandate on increasing organ donation was passed at the 2014 AM on 7 June 2014 with a 98% majority.
The NFWI notes that three people die every day whilst waiting for an organ transplant. We call on every member of the WI to make their wishes regarding organ donation known, and to encourage their families and friends, and members of their local communities to do likewise - Standon and Coates Heath WI - Staffordshire Federation
The WI's campaign encourages members to have a think about donation, make a decision and then talk about it to someone close to them. Time to Talk About Organ Donation is about easing the burden on grieving families. When families have a clear idea about what their deceased loved-one wanted, it makes it so much easier for them to fulfill your wishes. 
It doesn't matter whether you are in England or in Wales or the Islands - families matter. If we can get more people talking about donation, and having their decisions known and respected by their loved ones, we can increase the chances of a transplant being possible for those 7,000 people still on the waiting list. One donor can transform the lives of 9 different people.

Save the high street - resolution passed at the 2013 AGM

Employment of more midwives - resolution passed at the 2012 AGM
Major changes are underway in the health service, by April 2013 Clinical Commissioning Groups will be fully functional and it is these group that will commission health services including maternity services.  In turn, the effectiveness of these groups will be monitored by NHS Commissioning Boards.
Following on from the resolution, NFWI asked local WIs and members to do four things.
Build an evidence base to establish the picture of maternity services locally
Complete a survey on maternity services experiences
Sign a petition by 22 February 2013
Raise awareness working towards international day of the midwife on 5 May 2013
The 2011 AGM resolution was concerned with library provision.  Local authority funding cuts are now starting to threaten library provision in Worcestershire with plans to relocate Stourport Library to the Civic Centre and the conversion of the gallery and performance space at Kidderminster Library into council office accommodation.
2010 AGM resolution  passed with a huge majority urged HM Government "to introduce clear and mandatory country of origin labeling on all meat, poultry and fish products sold in this country".  Our January 2012 speaker demonstrated a computer chip methodology currently under development that tracks food from farm to plate.
SOS for honey bees - this was the resolution passed at the 2009 AGM.  Bee Aware Action Pack just received - during the winter of 2008/09 19.2% of the UK honey bee colonies died out, 30% had died the previous year - a serious decline given the important role honey bees play in pollination and the human food chain.
The pack gives ideas for things we can do to make households more bee-friendly, to encourage public spaces to be more bee friendly, to increase research into the dangers of neonicotnoid pesticides and above all to ensure that honey bees receive their fair share of the money promised by Government for research into threats to pollinators.  There is even an Adopt-a-hive scheme. www.adoptahive.co.uk
Violence against women and provision in Worcestershire - WI nationally is campaigning for equitable provision of support nationally.  A  speaker from Worcestershire Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (WRASAC) attended one of our meetings to explain what is on offer in Worcestershire and where the gaps exist locally. www.wrsasc.org.uk
Substantial increases in housing are proposed for this area of Worcestershire.  We made a response to the South Worcestershitre Joint Site Allocations and Policies Development Plan. www.swjcs.org